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Ceremonial Blend - 1 lb

Ceremonial Blend - 1 lb


Cacao that makes it easy, blended for the boss babe that have somewhere to be!

Stone-ground ceremonial cacao

Sourced from the Chuncho tree, native to Peru.

100% raw organic cacao 





15- 20 cermonial servings 


*This is simply cacao paste blended for you! 


All of our product is ethically sourced for you to enjoy with ease.

Our cacao is grown & harvested at an 11,000 ft elevation in the high Amazon jungle in Peru.


From seed to your cup intention & respect to the plant are present & are a top priority. 


Packaged with earth lovin' products, from the tape that seals in the magic, to the paper with our prayers. Every single inch is compostable or recyclable. 

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