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Our Mission

We believe everything we do has a ripple effect out into our collective.

That is why it is key for us to give back

to the earth & the communities we exchange with.

Our stone-ground cacao is ethically sourced from a small family farm

in the high amazon region of Peru.

Growing at 11,000 ft in the Andes.


 Make a difference for yourself and your communities

by giving back with your purchases.

Here are a few ways we give back;

Donating to the high communities of Peru, planting trees in the Amazon,

& providing fair wages for our farmers & artisans.

We also go the extra mile to make sure every inch of our product

is Pachamama friendly.


We are here to be a voice for Pachamama & all beings.

Making sure cultures, rituals, & nature in

every corner of the earth do not get forgotten. 


With love, 

Cacao & I 

Peru 2020

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