I am a digital nomad, traveling the world, sharing; yoga, meditation, spirituality, art, healing, & dreams!

I am currently living in a small community in Peru, called: Lamay.
Every day I have the opportunity to wake up surrounded by the mountains and show gratitude for this beautiful life.

These are the things, that light up that part of my soul. That part that strives for a deeper connection and understanding of the cultures on this amazing planet.

Being able to grasp the wisdom each one provides. 

I incorporate all these findings into my teachings and keep the sacredness of rituals alive. 


I create projects for every soul, to meet & honor themselves, Pachamama, & oneness.


I am lucky to assist women in a high-level 1:1 relationship & in group ceremonies as well. 
In the remembrance of who they truly are,

transform energy in the physical body,

& show trust in the missions, being gifted to them. 

All through the divine relationship with the SELF & GOD. 


When I am not co-creating with souls, like you.

I am creating magic through visual arts.

another mission here is to heal through my creative expression!

Also, I love yoga, meditation, trees, authentic Thai food, traveling, & CACAO! ​