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I am a cacao messenger traveling the world, sharing; ceremony, yoga, meditation, spirituality, art, healing, & dreams!

These are the things, that light's up my soul.

I am always striving for a deeper connection and understanding of the

cultures & ancient practices embedded in this amazing planet.

I incorporate all these findings into my teachings and keep the sacredness of rituals alive. 


Everything I do is for women to meet, honor themselves, Pachamama, & oneness.


I am blessed to assist women in high-level 1:1 mentorships & group ceremonies. 
In remembrance of who they truly are,

transformation in their physical bodies,

& the deep knowing of their worthiness. 

All through the divine relationship with SELF & GOD. 


When I am not co-creating with souls, like you,

I am creating magic through visual arts.

Painting murals all over the world to bring channeled visions

to life as healing transmissions.


current location: San Diego, California. 

Every day I have the opportunity to wake up surrounded by the ocean breeze and show gratitude for this beautiful life. ​

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