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The Andes are calling

October & November Retreats

Sacred Valley, Peru


Embark on a monumental journey to Peru's Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley of Peru is truly a special place, surrounded by majestic mountains and steeped in rich history.

The warmth and prayers of the people will embrace you like a hug, and there's so much more to discover.


We welcome you to experience this transformative land and the ancient lineage it represents.

We assure you that this will be the Peru experience you've been longing for.

Peru is a Place of Transformation

We take the transformational potential of Peru seriously and have designed a 10-day journey to support you in your medicine work.

Your host, Justice, has spent the past 5 years cultivating deep relationships with the land and people of Peru

& the past 10 years creating spaces like this.

She's eager to share her knowledge and lead you to hidden gems.

We'll journey together with multiple plant allies, delve deep into the earth's wisdom, awaken the codes of community,

and discover secret spots off the beaten tourist path. 

You're in for a treat, and we'll take excellent care of you.

Our gift to you is an experience that will be nothing short of life-changing. 

However this, journey isn't for everyone, but you'll know if it's right for you.

The plant allies are here to assist, not to fix anything.

You are the healer you've been waiting for, and we're here to empower this on your path.


Full Spectrum signifies our reverence towards it ALL.
all facets of life,
all facets of you.

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Ancient Remembering 

Untitled design - 2.png


Land in the heart

Untitled design - 3.png


Reciprocity with pacha

Untitled design - 4.png


Intelligent Connection

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Soften into you

Weekly Planner.png
10 days of exploration
Two Dates to choose from
Oct 21 - 30
Nov 4 - 13
Weekly Planner.png

Bridging the Gap Between You and the World of Plant Medicine.

Creating a pathway that leads to new experiences and a deeper appreciation of yourself and the earth.

Our mission is to offer you opportunities to learn from nature, discovering the foundations of our earth's knowledge,

and a stronger connection with it.

Full Spectrum means all of you is welcome here.

We are here to witness & be witnessed.

You can trust that within this space we invite your fullness,

your messiness, and everything in between. 

We are here to support YOUR journey.

land here…



We have a private house just for us to dance & play within. A beautiful backyard to take in the grand mountains & bask in the sunshine.

We cherish community and bringing people together in intimate space with the most uplifting support. 

Price: $3,000 - All Inclusive Shared Room

All we ask now is for a $500 non-refundable deposit to save your spot!

*Payment Plans Available please reach out for this request

All inclusive retreat including;

  • 10 days of adventures

  • 9 nights accommodations

  •  Transportation during retreat

  • Daily yoga, guided meditation, cacao, & earth rituals

  • 3 Nourishing meals a day with in house local chef

  • Multiple Plant Ceremonies (see schedule)

  • Entry to 3 Sacred Sites

& so much more

*We will be working closely with the local people of this land, learning & giving back in every way we can. 

This location is aligned with our values and fully dedicated to our retreat. It is a blessing we are allowed to bring a small group here to experience this hidden gem.

This is an exclusive area of Peru and protected, we ask that those joining come with devotion to taking care of the land as she takes care of us. 

Not included:
  • airfare to and from Peru

  • transfer to and from airport to retreat (assistance to book if needed)

  • tipping 



justice klein


As the visionary behind Cacao & I, I serve as a conduit, guiding you to rediscover the profound symbiosis we share with our Earth—a boundless wellspring of healing treasures and ancient rituals. My mission is to embody and share the full spectrum of existence on this planet, a sacred gift.


In this sacred relationship, a doorway opens to a realm where other plant allies await to join us on a journey of unparalleled personal evolution—a journey I eagerly anticipate sharing with you.


At the heart of this retreat lies my unwavering intention: to envelop you in a sanctuary where roots delve deep, integrity reigns, connections flourish, joy radiates, and empowerment thrives.


For over a decade, I've dedicated myself to guiding women through transformative retreats, workshops, and events, nurturing a profound reverence for the earth with each step. Through an intricate fusion of yoga, breathwork, plant medicine, and energy practices, my aim is to ignite within each participant a sense of empowerment and vitality that resonates long after our journey concludes.


This space offers a sacred refuge where you can reclaim sovereignty over your body and awaken the wisdom of your inner guide. It's a profound honor to serve as a guardian on this journey of self-discovery.


During our retreat, we also have the privilege of learning from and engaging with the indigenous communities of Peru, enriching our collective narrative with their timeless wisdom and profound connection to the land.

Natalia Gaytan


Natalia is a devoted practitioner of the healing arts. Drawing from her deep connection to the natural world and her training in indigenous wisdom, she conducts various ceremonies including Kambo, cacao, women's water ceremonies, and fire cupping.

In the sacred space she creates, participants are guided to explore the depths of their being, release what no longer serves them, and awaken to their true essence. At this retreat, Natalia will be offering Kambo, the sacred secretion of the Phyllomedusa bicolor frog. This potent purification ritual is known for its physical, emotional, and energetic cleansing properties. And Also through the gentle yet profound water ceremony, participants are invited to reconnect with the healing essence of water, surrendering to its flow and allowing it to awaken inner wisdom.

Natalia’s confident presence, loving guidance, and unwavering commitment to integrity create a safe and supportive environment for profound personal transformation. Whether you seek physical healing, emotional release, or spiritual expansion, Natalia’s ceremonies offer an opportunity for you to step into your power and rediscover your innate wisdom.

Join Natalia on this transformative journey and embark on a path to rediscover your true self.

Connect with Natalia 

Celia Alonso


My intention in our encounter is to share with you the knowledge

and wisdom I have gained in my 46 years of life.


In the past, I was an insatiable seeker of truth, which led me to know myself through different physical and non-physical journeys, expanding my consciousness and my heart, remembering my divine and human nature. Music, voice, light, and sound were my companions and guides on this journey. I am here to accompany you in this transpersonal encounter through vibration, energy, voice, and other arts, through the invisible alchemy of "the love that we are", to become a better version of yourself. Together, let's remember the path back home, developing the ability of presence.

Lover of the Nature that we are.

Connect with Celia

Sadie Kai George


In her role as a facilitator, Sadie Kai meticulously crafts a sanctuary, a sacred space where the veil between worlds thins, inviting a profound interplay of energies. With unwavering conviction, she champions the belief that within the depths of our being resides the boundless wisdom of the universe, patiently awaiting our remembrance. Throughout our shared journey, you will embark on a transformative odyssey, traversing the realms of consciousness to shed limiting patterns and illuminate the path towards your highest potential. Embrace this moment as the commencement of your soul's evolution, where each step brings you closer to manifesting a reality aligned with your most authentic aspirations. Welcome, dear traveler, to the threshold of your extraordinary voyage.

Connect with Sadie

Ellie Stiles


Ellie radiates natural leadership, compelling others to elevate their souls to new heights. With a profound reverence for the most divine technologies, she has devoted herself to serving her community through psilocybin therapy, nurturing rapid personal growth with utmost care and compassion.


At our sacred retreat, Ellie will orchestrate a transformative mushroom ritual, inviting participants to immerse themselves in a journey of profound self-discovery and growth. Her presence will serve as a steadfast source of support, offering guidance and encouragement to all who embark on this transformative path with us.


Ellie's deep connection to the medicine and her unwavering commitment to facilitating healing transformations make her an invaluable asset to our journey. Join us as we embrace Ellie's wisdom and embark on a journey of self-exploration and empowerment.

We cannot wait to see you in Peru!! Click HERE to email us any questions.

With graitude,

Justice & The Sacred Valley


When do I need to arrive in Peru?

We will check into the retreat house anytime day 1 of your retreat dates.

We highly recommend to arrive early or extend your stay. We are more than happy to help coordinate taxis & other housing options.

Dates available:

October 21 - 30

November 4 - 13

How will i know what to bring?

We have you covered! A month before the retreat we will send you a packing list!

What kind of food will there be?

We want to accommodate any food restrictions or dietary needs. When you sign up we will ask you if there are any and make adjustments when necessary! We have full control over the menu & will have a chef in house cooking for us daily! We will also be following a plant diet to prepare our temples for the ceremonies ahead. 

Where is the sacred valley

The Sacred Valley of the Incas (Spanish: Valle Sagrado de los Incas; Quechua: Willka Qhichwa), or the Urubamba Valley, is a valley in the Andes of Peru, north of the Inca capital of Cusco. It is located in the present-day Peruvian region of Cusco.

*You will fly into Cusco from your closest international airport & get a taxi about 40 minutes into the sacred valley.

How do I prep for this journey?

Upon signing up we will give you all that you need to know.

Packing list

Best way to Prep for all ceremonies

& anything else you need to know about visiting the Sacred Valley. 

If you have specific questions they will all be answered! Before making your desposit we will have a zoom call with each participant . 

Do I have to attend every ceremony?

No, Everything is included but everything is optional. We also are working with the most trusted facilitators that will ensure your safety above all.

If you have any questions regarding the planet ceremonies they will all be answered during our intro call.

We like to keep names of shamans & facilitators offline for privacy.

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