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the elements of gaia are calling

El Cuyo, Mexico


April 24 - May 1, 2022

8 days, 8 women, 5 elements

yoga, plant medicine, body work, adventure, nourishing food, empowerment, ceremony, singing, dancing, breath-work, heart healing, tantra, are just the beginning of what you will receive

El Cuyo is part of Ria Lagartos Biosphere reserve,

which means it is a protected area where human intervention is prohibited. Ria Lagartos is extremely rich with biodiversity due to the combination of freshwater and saltwater that are present. The reserve is home to flamingoes, turtles, deer, jaguar and thousands of other protected animals. Picture this; you are sitting on the pier with saltwater grazing your face as you spot a dolphin making his way across the horizon. What a blessing that these sacred lands are protected. 

The moment your foot steps on the land, you can feel the high vibrations radiating off the

community and culture.

The beauty of the waters, the people, and the ancient practices are one-of-a-kind.

Welcome to esencia retreat

come as you are

leave as you

Untitled design.png


Connect with the land



Alchemize with truth



Flow with freedom



Move with grace



Heal through stillness

Included in the retreat
  • Accommodation at ecological center

  • Gourmet meals with private chef 

  • Transfer from the Cancun airport to El Cuyo

  • Variety of daily yoga

  • Guided meditation & breathwork

  • Chakra Energy Healing

  • Donation in your name to El Cuyo ecological reservation

  • Visit to Ek Balam Ruins

  • Private cenote tour 

  • Private boat tour 

  • 8 guided workshops (see schedule below)

  • Cacao ceremonies

  • 1 hour private fire cupping session 

  • Epic sunrise & sunset views 

  • Beach day

  • Ice bath therapy 

  • Paddle boarding 

  • 3 authentic meals in town with local restaurants 

  • Goddess goodie bag

  • Optional goddess embodied photoshoot ​

Included workshops
  • Solidify your why 

  • Plant medicine education

  • Tantra womb healing 

  • Ignite your fire 

  • Water diviniation 

  • Flower altar workshop

  • Unlock your voice 

  • Astral travel workshop 

Not included:
  • airfare to and from mexico 

  • transfer from el cuyo to airport (assistance to book if needed)

  • tipping 

  • Add on astrocartography reading ($150)


Paradise found

Visualize opening your eyes to the green lush earth surrounding you. Waking up to the songs of nature; tropical birds, the ocean waves,

the smell of sweet wind traveling through the trees, the air dancing on your skin. 

We will begin our mornings with an intentional practice themed around the earth elements setting a vibrant tone for the day.

Honoring the body every step of the way, we will enjoy a colorful breakfast with cacao, coffee, and tea.

Every meal will cater to nourishing the body, mind, & soul.

From there, it’s a day of exploring the best of what Mexico has to offer and what you have to offer back to this land.

Additionally, there will be free time for you to integrate & slow down. Bask in the sun, take an ocean dip, or go on your own adventure!

The days will end with a relaxing restorative practice with chakra energy healing or a private fire cupping session.

This is the space for you to fully embody the elements & drop into peace.

Can you feel it?

land here

We have 6 different room options all priced at affordable rates for a pristine ecological hotel in a private location in El Cuyo.

We will be practicing with an epic view of the ocean. Prepare yourself for stunning sunrises and sunsets.

This location is aligned with our values and fully dedicated to our retreat. It is a blessing we are allowed to bring a small group here to experience this hidden gem. This is an exclusive area of Mexico and protected, we ask that those joining come with devotion to taking care of the land as she takes care of us. 


your hosts

Natalia Gaytan


Medicine Woman, Cupping therapist

Natalia is a facilitator for transmutation. Her primary healing modalities are; leading cacao ceremony and cupping therapy. Carving out a space of safety for those wanting to go deeper. 


Natalia is from a small town in Mexico, where she was first introduced to Ventosas (Fire Cupping) and Curanderismo (Traditional Mexican Folk Medicine). From there, her interest in traditional medicine blossomed. Studying the interwoven aspects of medicine across cultures is of peak interest to her. The way this shows up in her work is through cupping, crystal healing, guided breathwork, sound healing, and hawk medicine. She creates a space of trust for all bodies to soften and breathe.

Natalia's objective in healing is to move with forthright intuition. She aims to be a clear channel to facilitate the movement and transmutation of energy through the body.

justice klein

Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 12.36.53 PM.png

Medicine Woman, Yoga Instructor

Justice Klein is here to assist you in embodying all that you are. She is an artist, cacao priestess, shadow facilitator, and ceremonialist, who can never stop smiling :)She is a soul here to remind you how beautiful you are & how your body and heart deserve to be treated with the utmost respect.


For the past 8 years Justice has dedicated herself to facilitating womens retreats, workshops, & events with high devotion to the plant medicine, cacao.​

She incorporates yoga, breathwork, plant medicine & energy healing for women to feel empowered & vital. Her mission as a leader is to offer you space to reclaim your body and remember your inner teacher. She is honored to be a guide back home to your truth.



Jeannette is a multi passionate healer, chef and educator. Her mission is to help conscious creatives live in accordance with nature and their own unique mind-body ecosystem. Through integrative nutrition, astrological guidance, neuroscience based behavior change and ecological therapy. She has spent the past 10 years studying healing arts around the world, working on various permaculture projects, cooking for wellness retreats, coaching passionate creatives, and facilitating personalized ceremony. Nourishment begins at the roots and blooms in holistic radiance.

This is for me if...

  • I am here to remember who I am and my connection to the earth & my earth community

  • I am here to be held in sisterhood & high in my mastery 

  • I am here to awaken the healer within

  • I am here to be lit up from connection, adventure, & community 

  • I am here to feel empowered & dripping in my essence 

  • I am here to feel vital & alive in my body 

  • I am here to weave my unique medicine in this world 

  • I am here to break chains of the wounded femine and balance all facets of myself 

  • I am here to treat my body like a goddess temple 

  • I am here to meet the next dimension of myself 

  • I am here to share & be authentic 

  • I am here to understand the vasteness of my spirituality 

  • I am here to follow the curious call 

  • I am here to accept & grow 

  • shift old patterns & see past limiting beliefs 

  • learn from the plants 

  • to feel empowered

Still have questions? Drop them here!

Thank you for your presence!

We cannot wait to see you in Mexico!!

With graitude,

Justice & Natalia

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