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the elements of Madre Tierra 
are calling

El Cuyo, Mexico


June 10 - 16, 2023

El Cuyo is part of Ria Lagartos Biosphere reserve,

which means it is a protected area where human intervention is prohibited.

Ria Lagartos is extremely rich with biodiversity due to the combination of freshwater and saltwater that are present.

The reserve is home to flamingoes, turtles, deer, jaguar and thousands of other protected animals.

What a blessing that these sacred lands are protected. 

The moment your foot steps on the land, you can feel the high vibrations radiating off the community and culture.

The beauty of the waters, the people, and the ancient practices are one-of-a-kind.

This is your invitation to reclaim your full essence. 
A 6 night retreat, where safety, vitality & truth comes into your bodies
through sisterhood & earth ritual.


Connect with the land


Alchemize with truth


Flow with freedom


Move with grace


Be in spaceousness

Included in the retreat


I felt the bond of sisterhood catch me,

as I fell into myself 

Shedding pieces that no longer sing to me

I trust fully here

with you

“Natalia & Justice make such a powerful force field when they combine their essences. The sacred container was so divine, welcoming, and allowed me to soften, heal, and trust like never before. The gratitude I feel isn’t something that can be written about. Only felt. And received in the ripple. Thank you

— Esencia 2022

“I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything more. I felt extremely safe to express my true self no matter if it was a hell yes or a hell no. It all felt so genuine & from the bottom of their hearts. Everyone’s needs were thought of & that was so welcoming too. Literally amazing women!”

— Esencia 2022


Visualize opening your eyes to the green lush earth surrounding you. Waking up to the songs of nature; tropical birds, the ocean waves,

the smell of sweet wind traveling through the trees, the air dancing on your skin. 

This is the space for you to emanate your essence

land here


We have a variety of different room options available at a beach front home in El Cuyo.

Prepare yourself for stunning sunrises and sunsets.

Shared Room - $2,999

( $499 per day)

Private Room Double- $3,200

($533 per day)

Private Room King bed - $4,000

( $666 per day)

(Private rooms available to share with a sister for $2,999 each)

All we ask now is for a $500 non-refundable deposit to save your spot!

*Payment Plans Available

All inclusive retreat including;

6 night accommodations, transportation, daily yoga, 3 nourishing meals a day, Cacao Ceremony, Kambo Ceremony, Rapé Ceremony, Private Cenote Experience, Mushroom Ceremony, Mambe Ceremony, & PRIVATE CUPPING CEREMONY + so much more. 

This location is aligned with our values and fully dedicated to our retreat. It is a blessing we are allowed to bring a small group here to experience this hidden gem.

This is an exclusive area of Mexico and protected, we ask that those joining come with devotion to taking care of the land as she takes care of us. 

*Sharing beds with a sister is available ◡̈ 

Not included:
  • airfare to and from mexico 

  • transfer from el cuyo to airport (assistance to book if needed)

  • tipping 

your guides

Natalia Gaytan

Medicine Woman, Cupping therapist

Natalia is a facilitator for transmutation. Her primary healing modalities are; leading cacao ceremony and cupping therapy. Carving out a space of safety for those wanting to go deeper. 


Natalia is from a small town in Mexico, where she was first introduced to Ventosas (Fire Cupping) and Curanderismo (Traditional Mexican Folk Medicine). From there, her interest in traditional medicine blossomed. Studying the interwoven aspects of medicine across cultures is of peak interest to her. The way this shows up in her work is through cupping, crystal healing, guided breathwork, sound healing, and hawk medicine. She creates a space of trust for all bodies to soften and breathe.

Natalia's objective in healing is to move with forthright intuition. She aims to be a clear channel to facilitate the movement and transmutation of energy through the body.

justice klein

Medicine Woman

Founder of Cacao & I

I am here to remind you that the earth is our greatest ally, her medicines are vast, & it is a privilege to have access to these ancient rituals. I am also here to show you what unconditional love feels like to receive. My medicine is love & that is why Cacao & I work so well together ◡̈  She has opened the door to other plant allies that have assisted me in my personal evolution and I am so excited to share them with you here. My intention for this retreat is to bring you into a world that feels rooted, connected, fun, & empowering. The last Esencia blew my mind to say the least, &

 I know this one will as well. 


For the past 8 years Justice has dedicated herself to facilitating womens retreats, workshops, & events with high devotion to the plant medicine, cacao.​

She incorporates yoga, breathwork, plant medicine & energy healing  for women to feel empowered & vital. Her mission as a leader is to offer you space to reclaim your body and remember your inner teacher. She is honored to be a guide back home to your truth.

We cannot wait to see you in Mexico!! Click HERE to email us any questions.

With graitude,

Justice & Natalia


When do I need arrive in el cuyo?

Transportation will be Sunday at Cancun international airport 11 am - 1pm 

Please plan accordingly.

How will i know what to bring?

We have you covered! A few weeks before the retreat we will send you a packing list!

What kind of food will there be?

We want to accommodate any food restrictions or dietary needs. When you sign up we will ask you if there are any and make adjustments when necessary! We have full control over the menu & will have a chef in house cooking for us daily!

Where is el cuyo?

El Cuyo is situated on the Yucatan east coast in between Chiquila' and Rio Lagartos

You will fly into the Cancun international airport & we will provide a private pick up for the entire group to meet us in El Cuyo.

Do i need pesos?

The only expense you have will be your transport back to Cancun airport & any treasures you want to bring home with you.

We recommend getting pesos out at the airport before you get picked up.

How am i getting to Cancun airport from el cuyo?

We will help you book a taxi back to the airport on time for your flight home!

If you want to share a ride with the others we recommend booking your returning flight between 11am - 1pm

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